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Posted by Hannah Kabelka on November 2, 2020 at 8:50 am

Updated Share-Net Netherlands CoP concept note

In the last couple of years, Share-Net International and the country hubs have gradually transitioned from existing working groups to moderated communities of practice (CoPs). By establishing CoPs, we aim to create a common ground and inspire CoP members to collaborate regarding particular themes and in a cross-cutting manner.

At Share-Net Netherlands, we believe that communities of practice need to be member-driven and content-centred. The CoPs work in line with an annual work plan or Terms of Reference (ToR) as well as with effective facilitation which provides structure, continuity and more commitment from members. This also helps to ensure a focus on the knowledge needs and priorities of members. In this way, our CoPs have a more systematised, focused and demand driven approach and consequently strive to maximise impact by using knowledge effectively for improved SRHR practices and policies.

Through moderated CoPs SNI members contribute to, discuss, share, use, and have access to evidence and knowledge-products that are most relevant to their specific areas of work for improved SRHR policies and practices. The knowledge management activities of CoPs are also intended to aid member organisations and individual members in advancing their own agendas and to create synergies so that work is not duplicated but complimented and strengthened.

Download the full SNNL CoP concept note here.

Lessons learnt from working in communities in practice

Furthermore, at Share-Net Netherlands we reflected on the challenges that our members were facing in their CoP participation in 2020 and formulated suggestions for improvement. These observations and recommendations are based on discussions between SN-NL members during the Annual Business Meeting on the 20th of October and on observations of the CoP facilitator in 2020. All recommendations  are optional and completely up to the discretion of each CoP.

Have a look at the CoP reference document highlighting the challenges and suggestions for CoP improvement here.

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