Gender-based violence

Our main focus

Gender-based violence (GBV) is one of the themes that Share-Net Netherlands is focusing on. This Community of Practice (CoP) aims to align with many different initiatives that are already organised around this broad topic. The main goal of this CoP is to generate new knowledge and share experiences and knowledge to inform and influence research, policy and practice internationally as well as in the Netherlands.

What we do

The Community of Practice organised their first thematic meeting in 2014. A follow up thematic meeting was held on the 8th of December 2016 during the 16 days campaign against violence against women together with the launch of the ‘End Violence against Women and Girls’ campaign.

Only recently, in June 2020, the CoP resumed due to the commitment of the new members as presented below. On a regular basis, CoP members engage in discussions and exchange to learn from each other about issues and challenge around gender-based violence internationally. Future plans include the organisation of GBV-related events to disseminate and exchange existing knowledge and to jointly apply for research funding in 2021.

In 2020, the CoP supported Share-Net Netherlands in their campaign during the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence. The campaign collectivised Share-Net Netherlands’ members and their partners voices unpacking how collaboration, solidarity and passion can end GBV!

In December 2020, the CoP organised an online meeting to unpack the concept of sexual harassment in the light of the new Dutch draft law on sexual crimes. Laura Ader (Fairspace), Enas Hamdy (HarassMap Egypt) and Wouter Stes (Plan International Belgium) discussed the concept of harassment, the implications of criminalising harassment and best practices in ending this form of gender-based violence. You can re-watch the recording of the webinar here.

CoP activities 2021

Taking up the main learnings from the webinar in December 2020, the SNNL CoP on GBV followed-up on the event by creating a policy brief on sexual harassment in the Netherlands and recommendations for prevention. Access the policy brief and an infographic here.

In 2021, the CoP further aims to contribute to evidence collection around GBV (resource and event sharing) as well as to generate new knowledge together.

Who we are

  • Nieneke van den Akker (Cordaid)
  • Lindsay van Clief (Simavi)
  • Tess Vanacker (Amref Flying Doctors)
  • Laura Ader (Fairspace)
  • Sandra Ramzi (Fairspace)
  • Daniela Torres (Individual member)
  • Merette Khalil (Individual member)
  • Camila Montecinos (Neighbourhood Feminists)
  • Ophelia Chatterjee (KIT)
  • Victory Nwabu-Ekeoma (Student member)

CoP members can access their online working space on Mighty networks via this link (Share-Net Netherlands members only).

New members are still welcome to join the GBV CoP!

Share-Net is a membership network made up of a unique and powerful combination of NGOs and private sector parties, researchers and students, policy makers and practitioners, media outlets and advocates. Through the formation of this Community of Practice, we contribute to, discuss, share, use, and have access to evidence and knowledge-products that are most relevant to the work towards improved SRHR policies and practices tackling gender-based violence.

We actively want to expand our network and are inviting Share-Net Netherlands members to become part of the GBV CoP.  If you are interested to get in touch with the group, feel free to contact us directly anytime.

Resources on Gender-based violence

Click here for resources on Gender-based violence.

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