SNI Position Paper on Meaningful Youth Participation and Youth Empowerment

Posted by Victory on January 18, 2022 at 9:56 pm

At SNI, our work is founded on our core values: being evidence-based and participatory, ensuring diversity and building on human rights. Through our core values and objectives, it is clear that MYP should be a priority. It is proven that research and interventions are more effective when they consult and involve the group they seek to target (evidence-based) and because participation is a fundamental human right for young people (participatory, diversity, based on human rights).

Over the past two years, we have analysed how we work on youth empowerment.


In 2020, we hired an intern to conduct an analysis of youth empowerment and MYP in Share-Net and develop a mapping of youth organisations worldwide working on SRHR. Based on their findings, a video was created to highlight the importance of MYP in SNI.


Throughout 2021, our staff have participated in capacity training on MYP. We developed action plans and started implementing them in the different national contexts. Both activities have informed this position paper. At SNI and in our hubs, we work on Youth Empowerment and MYP in different ways.

Read the full position paper here…

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