Male Infertility – a collection of studies from Africa



Recent years have seen a growing interest in the impact of infertility on reproductive health in Africa and other developing regions. This interest is fuelled by a better understanding of the magnitude of the problem of involuntary childlessness in low resource settings, which is commonly characterized by a high prevalence and limited treatment options. In addition, several studies have documented the profoundly negative psychological and social implications associated with infertility in developing countries, which, despite considerable differences in the socio-cultural background of the different regions, are often surprisingly similar. According to reports from sub-Saharan Africa and Asia, repercussions of infertility include marital instability, abandonment, loss of social status and security, abuse, poverty and stigmatization. Moreover, most studies have focused on the experience of women in the understanding that they carry the main burden of the infertility experience. As a result, there is limited information from developing countries on the experience of men suffering from couple infertility. (Dyer et al. 2019)

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