HIV/SRHR integration

Our focus

HIV and SRHR are directly linked. Sexual and reproductive ill-health and HIV thrive where there is entrenched poverty, harmful social norms, gender inequality and marginalization of the most vulnerable populations. HIV remains the most fatal sexually transmitted infection, and the leading cause of death among women of reproductive age (UNAIDS, 2019).

The recent Guttmacher-Lancet Commission report ‘Accelerate progress – sexual and reproductive health and rights for all’ presents a new, comprehensive definition of SRHR – including HIV prevention, treatment and care in its essential intervention package and pays specific attention to vulnerable groups. This comprehensive SRHR is central to achieving all Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and to ensuring the universal health coverage (UHC) agenda leaves no-one behind.

What we do

This Community of Practise promotes joint work in these two sectors at various levels, including policy, advocacy, programming and operations. Despite high-level political commitment to intensify linkages, challenges remain for ensuring that people receive comprehensive, high-quality services because policies are not being translated into practice. Linking HIV and SRHR must go beyond integrating services and programmes to include explicit attention to rights and the structural issues that make people vulnerable to HIV and threaten their sexual and reproductive well-being. Linking HIV and SRHR can deliver a more robust and cost effective response, and should be an integral part of future global strategies.

Activities to come in 2020

Some of our upcoming activities include:

  • An expert meeting focusing on WHO research “Contraceptive use, values, preferences among women at high risk of HIV” by Annette Verster
  • A debrief session of the AIDS2020 virtual conference
  • Youth & Sexuality in relation to growing HIV epidemic, conservatism and taboos
  • Production of a visual life journey, illustrating the risks and needs in every life stage for different populations and capturing the relation of HIV and SRHR risks and needs

Throughout the year, we regularly share best practices learnt and new insights from this field.


Who we are

  • Nienke Westerhof (Aidsfonds)
  • Haitske van Asten (Aidsfonds)
  • Kari Postma (Dance4Life)
  • Saad Haaron (Dance4Life)
  • Paul Janssen (Individual member).


To contact us directly please write to Hannah Kabelka at

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