HIV/SRHR integration

Linking HIV and sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) refers to joined work in these two sectors at various levels, including policy, advocacy, programming and operations. Despite high-level political commitment to intensify linkages, challenges remain for ensuring that people receive comprehensive, high-quality services because policies are not being translated into practice. Linking HIV and SRHR must go beyond integrating services and programmes to include explicit attention to rights and the structural issues that make people vulnerable to HIV and threaten their sexual and reproductive well being. Linking HIV and SRHR can deliver a more robust and cost effective response, and should be an integral part of future global strategies.

The CoP  organised a Thematic Meeting Step it up: Making HIV & SRHR Integration a Reality. This thematic meeting is a Satellite Session at the AIDS IMPACT Conference in Amsterdam at 30 July 2015 at the University of Amsterdam. You can read all about the meeting via this link.


  • To explore and understand the gaps between policy and practice in terms of HIV and SRHR integration.
  • What are the barriers to integration, why isn’t it happening?
  • To identify useful and practical tools  and strategies to close the gap.
  • To review and develop recommendations for policy and practice and engagement with current national and global processes.


Members of this working group are: Aidsfonds, GNP+, PSI, Dance4life, Rutgers.

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